Engagement rings: When to buy, Where to get and How to find

Jewelry like a ring is always an exciting addition to your life. The excitement gets even bigger when a lively, meaningful, and lovable action stands as the reason for its inclusion. And what is more exciting than your loved one getting down on one knee and proposing to you with an engagement ring!! People wait every moment of their life to cherish the dreams of spending the rest of their life with his/ her most loved one. The engagement ring finalizes such a dream of yours, and appropriately thus reserves a special spot in your heart. If you are wondering what are tennis bracelets then donot worry as there are a wide range of such bracelets available in the market.

The history of engagement rings according to record date back to 1477, with Archduke Maximillian of Austria gifting the very first diamond engagement ring for his betrothed, Mary of Burgundy. Since then engagement rings have gradually shot into practice as the souvenirs of marriage. Today one can’t think of marriage without engagement rings.

The Perfect Engagement Ring

There is no single perfect engagement ring actually. But there is a way to know which one is the best for your cause. All you need to do is to be clear to yourself about what you want and the budget you can afford. First things first, you need to note down the size and metal of the ring. Yellow gold, rose gold, etc. has been quite popular recently. There exist many different sized stones and you need to choose one according to your budget and affordability. Bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better or more beautiful. Also, consider how it would match with the wedding band. You need to buy certified diamonds and negotiating always helps in treating the price range. Now comes the buying part. Big brands and shops are more reliable while buying expensive jewelry and that is what you also need to look at. For example, if you want to buy engagement ring London, try finding some big brands or authentic sellers online in different listings. Go down there and choose the one you like the most, based upon the above tips.

Having a ring is not always a necessity to propose

September and October are some of the quieter times of the year in the jewelry industry and past trends show dripping of diamond prices then. As a result, it often turns out that people getting engaged around October saves some of their budget on the ring. Also, remember that a ring is not a necessity to propose. Couples often propose before and shop for the ring together later such that there exists the opportunity of buying according to the choice of the one who is going to wear. This also eliminates the chances of getting a wrong sized ring.


Bingo!! There you go!! Now you have appropriate ideas about an engagement ring and buying it perfectly. The ring is a symbolic expression of your love. Thus be sure enough to pour your heart into the process of buying. The love you entail it with makes the ring even more special and magical to the person you shall give it to