Interested In Facial Piercings? Here’s What To Expect!

If you are interested in facial piercings, the first step is to find a reliable piercing shop. Unlike tattoo artists, most piercing shops don’t require you to take an appointment. The whole procedure of the piercing can be done in minutes, and you can go home right away. However, piercing is still an art, and you need a reliable piercing artist, who can guide you on the experience. When it comes to common choices, facial piercings are quite common. In this post, we are suggesting all that you must know before stepping in.

How is it done?

The standard piercing process remains the same, and a needle will be used. Keep in mind piercing guns can be used for the earlobe only. For most body piercings, a needle must be used. Chances are high that long before you realize, the artist is done with the needle. It actually takes seconds, especially with good artists. There are varied kinds of facial piercings to be considered – septum, lip, eyebrow, and philtrum. Septum piercings are more common, but many women like the way philtrum piercing gives symmetry to their face.

What about prep time?

There is no prep time needed to get facial piercings, but your artist will ask about your medical history or whether you are taking any medicine that can impact the piercing. Also, it is always best that you eat something before going in. This is to ensure that your blood sugar is stable and you don’t faint because of nervousness. Once the piercing is done, your artist will also explain how to take care of the area. Your body will treat the piercing as an injury, so healing response starts right away. However, facial piercings may take longer to heal as compared to earlobe piercing, because of blood flow to various areas in general.



With facial piercings, cleaning routines can be different. For instance, if you are getting lip piercing done, you have to be swish your mouth more frequently. For tongue piercing, a mouthwash must be used. Follow the instructions of your artist, and there shouldn’t be any risks to worry about.

As for the jewelry, there could be limitations with regards to metal and design. Consider going for surgical-grade stainless steel jewelry, if you cannot afford something like 18k gold. Also, don’t try and insert jewelry, unless the piercing artist has recommended so. Thepiercing has to heal before you can experiment.

Post Author: Iris Malik